Friday, November 12, 2010


   bin wanting to do dis for a very long time.... but i just alwaz wonder if it was necessary to do, and finally i tink it is very necessary now.... was gonna start from the beginning, but since am just saying it for the first time, am just gonna start from where lets start...... am a regular kid just growing up and i ave alot of tings going on in my head....
 My first blog is just gonna b basically just general review...den after this..we go to the basic and the most serious things.... so basically  i ave dis best friend....a guy, i ave dis lover,(no ohh!! he is not old or married or sanyting ohh!!, i call him my lover because, he is not my boyfrnd  nd there is dis ting going on between least i kiss him and we do stuffs.......), ave a couple of frnds who i dont knw wat i would do without...... am in a school were i ave to deal wit so many rules!!!! and its so killin..... basically, am growing up and alot of things are usual the school with so many killing rules asdecided to strt i ave to go now..should b back tomorrow to strt with all d juicy stories..
                            bye pple!!!

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