Monday, March 28, 2011

Yaaayyy.... Not like I stopped or sumting, I just nidded some time off..nd hmmmm...let's say I nidded just one comment to kip M̶̲̥̅ε̲̣̣̣̥ goin...nd finally ave gotten it...S/O to gonna kip writing!!:p
Today am gonna b talkin bout MEN....
nahh...I knw U̶̲̥̅̊ would b xpectin M̶̲̥̅ε̲̣̣̣̥ to tlk bout ow useless dey ® ??? Lool...nope!!! Today am just gonna say dre is notin like a perfect man.... Ting is dey all ave one flaw or ð oda...lemme tell U̶̲̥̅̊ one very sad one... My fwnd just got hwrself a new boo.. U̶̲̥̅̊ nid to c dis boy, he is HOT!!! Very wealty...drives a nice car, lives alone....wat mre can u ask??? But wat? He has all ð yoruba factors..#cntwatch bbm smiley. Funi ting is....I would pick good diction over good looks aniday....den again, its nt my choice...somebody picked him.....but it stills balls down to ð fact dat dre is notin like a perfect booo!!!
S̶̲̥̅Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ to all ye ladies out dre waitin for mr rite!! U ® gonna die dere.....better stick to wat U̶̲̥̅̊ ave and mke him ur own perfect MR RIGHT!!. .

Monday, December 6, 2010


Kk....let's c....its christmas!!!!! So??? Wats d big deal bout christmas??? I tink its over rated!!!! Am ao sowi if it sounds funi, but dats ow I feel bout christmas.....mayb cause my dad is a muslim nd we dnt usually do ani tin rilly crious in my house.....but it still dosnt change d fact that dre is too much hype bout christmas!!!! Basically on christmas day, alwaz find myself in a funny place...were am stuck wit eatin some funi tins dat I do nt knw and I do nt like, but because its christmas I ave to do it....mscheew
But d funi tin bout dis year is dat, I actually wanna knw wat christmas fils ave decided to do someting diff... Diff frm wat ave bin doing all dis years!!! Dis year ave decided to stay in nigeria and attnd all d parties and c if am gonna ave a diff perspective bout christmas!!!! My fwnds alwaz say it was fun cause dey attended one ting or d oda!!! Would nt b a bad idea if it changes my mind and den if it doesn't change. Am gonna kip on sayin dat christmas is rilly over rated!!!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

window thingy!!!

am sure yhu re all wondering wat a window thingy would rilly b bout!!! well, my sister used to call it the window connection!!! it was crazy!!! d ting is, my parent r this typical very strict yoruba people,while we were growing up, dey dont let us,(d girls..i ave two sister,and am in d middle) ave male visitors in d house. ermm...ave alwaz been on d wild side, so wen dey said no boys, it made me wanna ave all d boys come over...newaz, i ad a boy frnd that was way older than i was and did not understand y my parents would not allow me or my sisters ave male visitors...oh yeah, i ave a brother too... newaz, after a particular situation which is way too embarassing for me too write, my boyfriend never came into my house again, and i ad strict monitoring, so basicallly dere was no way fo either of us to get to see each oda!!! it was so bloody frustrating!!! i rilly ad to see him and he def wanted to see me too.
so we developed a strategy, he had to become frnds with the boy that lives opposite my house,(i knw yhu r gonna tink that i would go to d boys house rite?? nope!!) he would go to d boiz room, then when he gets dere, he would call me, open up my window and then we would talk!!! then i thot it was so cute, but looking at it now, its still is cute joh!!

i almost did it

hmmmm... am sure a whole lot of pple ave made out in d car at one point in time or d oda in their lives.. well as for me, i ave almost made out!!! can yhu imagine, as old as i am, i ave rilly never made out in a car b4.... i remember this one time, my lover as i like to call him, came over to my hse, and on that particular day, my mum decided to say home.... was so annoyin, he was in my house for bout four hours, nd we were tinkin that the woman was gonna go out, cause she kept on saying that she ad to b some were, so we kept on saying, 'mummy, arent yhu going animore'? dis make out session was rilly important because i was not gonna c my lover for a week, so we ad to make sure that this particular one, was memorable,(at least good enuf to last for a
newaz, it was getting late, and my lover ad to b some were else, so he ad to leave, i saw he off to his car and just decided to sit inside d car and bond for a little while, we got talking, and i just kept on saying ow much i was gonna miss him nd all, nd he goes, geezz!!! yhu talk too much, and d next ting i knw, we were kissing nd all, d kiss got intense and am like, we r directly in front of my house, wat if my mom, comes out and finds us? so we decided to look for were to park and i was gonna ave my first make out session in d car!!!! nd guess wat?? while looking for were to park, my lover goes, wat r we doing?? we can alwaz make out any oda time, i was so burnt, i could almost cry and he leaned close and kissed me, and he told me i deserved better than dat.(cute rite??) did nt tink so at that point in time sha!!!
so he reversed the car and while we were driving back to my hse, my mum was driving outta the house, nd guess wat happened after dat????
i guesss yhu can figure it out already!! am just gonna say,

ps....i love cakes!!! isn't dis just perfect???

Friday, November 12, 2010


   bin wanting to do dis for a very long time.... but i just alwaz wonder if it was necessary to do, and finally i tink it is very necessary now.... was gonna start from the beginning, but since am just saying it for the first time, am just gonna start from where lets start...... am a regular kid just growing up and i ave alot of tings going on in my head....
 My first blog is just gonna b basically just general review...den after this..we go to the basic and the most serious things.... so basically  i ave dis best friend....a guy, i ave dis lover,(no ohh!! he is not old or married or sanyting ohh!!, i call him my lover because, he is not my boyfrnd  nd there is dis ting going on between least i kiss him and we do stuffs.......), ave a couple of frnds who i dont knw wat i would do without...... am in a school were i ave to deal wit so many rules!!!! and its so killin..... basically, am growing up and alot of things are usual the school with so many killing rules asdecided to strt i ave to go now..should b back tomorrow to strt with all d juicy stories..
                            bye pple!!!