Monday, December 6, 2010


Kk....let's c....its christmas!!!!! So??? Wats d big deal bout christmas??? I tink its over rated!!!! Am ao sowi if it sounds funi, but dats ow I feel bout christmas.....mayb cause my dad is a muslim nd we dnt usually do ani tin rilly crious in my house.....but it still dosnt change d fact that dre is too much hype bout christmas!!!! Basically on christmas day, alwaz find myself in a funny place...were am stuck wit eatin some funi tins dat I do nt knw and I do nt like, but because its christmas I ave to do it....mscheew
But d funi tin bout dis year is dat, I actually wanna knw wat christmas fils ave decided to do someting diff... Diff frm wat ave bin doing all dis years!!! Dis year ave decided to stay in nigeria and attnd all d parties and c if am gonna ave a diff perspective bout christmas!!!! My fwnds alwaz say it was fun cause dey attended one ting or d oda!!! Would nt b a bad idea if it changes my mind and den if it doesn't change. Am gonna kip on sayin dat christmas is rilly over rated!!!!