Monday, November 15, 2010

i almost did it

hmmmm... am sure a whole lot of pple ave made out in d car at one point in time or d oda in their lives.. well as for me, i ave almost made out!!! can yhu imagine, as old as i am, i ave rilly never made out in a car b4.... i remember this one time, my lover as i like to call him, came over to my hse, and on that particular day, my mum decided to say home.... was so annoyin, he was in my house for bout four hours, nd we were tinkin that the woman was gonna go out, cause she kept on saying that she ad to b some were, so we kept on saying, 'mummy, arent yhu going animore'? dis make out session was rilly important because i was not gonna c my lover for a week, so we ad to make sure that this particular one, was memorable,(at least good enuf to last for a
newaz, it was getting late, and my lover ad to b some were else, so he ad to leave, i saw he off to his car and just decided to sit inside d car and bond for a little while, we got talking, and i just kept on saying ow much i was gonna miss him nd all, nd he goes, geezz!!! yhu talk too much, and d next ting i knw, we were kissing nd all, d kiss got intense and am like, we r directly in front of my house, wat if my mom, comes out and finds us? so we decided to look for were to park and i was gonna ave my first make out session in d car!!!! nd guess wat?? while looking for were to park, my lover goes, wat r we doing?? we can alwaz make out any oda time, i was so burnt, i could almost cry and he leaned close and kissed me, and he told me i deserved better than dat.(cute rite??) did nt tink so at that point in time sha!!!
so he reversed the car and while we were driving back to my hse, my mum was driving outta the house, nd guess wat happened after dat????
i guesss yhu can figure it out already!! am just gonna say,

ps....i love cakes!!! isn't dis just perfect???

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  1. LMAO!

    I'm the king of Car-capades - I love motor memories, they made up most of my adventures into the world of James-bond with fellow 18,19 year olds 'lovers' back then.

    I guess we all have to grow up at some point.